Technical Services

Phillips Resources is uniquely positioned to help you with a wide range of
technical assistance:

  • National school lunch program regulations, polices and practices
  • CN labeling and new CN Labeling Quality Control Program Requirements
  • Product content sheets, or other meal pattern crediting options
  • Reprocessing of USDA donated foods (National commodity processing)
  • Selling direct to USDA
  • Wellness policies and impact on the market place
  • Nutrient analysis and nutrition labeling
  • Labeling claims and compliance
  • Customized workshops for management, technical and sales staff.
  • Training personnel on labeling, quality control and commodity processing
 Government-Industry Relations:

Phillips Resources helps you manage the maze of regulation in the food services industry:

  • Monitoring/interpreting pending regulations, legislation and policy decisions which affect the business forces among government, industry and customers.
  • Explaining the how and why of regulations and policy decisions
  • Meshing government policies, industry goals and limitations with customer needs
  • Resolving problems among industry, government and customers
  • Maintaining liaison with government officials
  • Explaining how to use regulations, legislation and policy decisions to maximize market potential or to minimize negative impact on markets.

Phillips Resources is a recognized authority with an outstanding record of professional service to the school foodservice industry

 Fee Structures:

Retainer Services:
After detailed consulting by phone or in person, Phillips Resources will propose a customized service package designed to fulfill your company’s unique needs. The annual retainer package offers clients the full service partnership where our goal is to help you maximize your success in selling to the school food service market.

Project Fee:
Companies with a limited scope project may prefer Phillips Resources to define specific tasks with a definite end date for a set fee. Helping a company start CN labeling is an example of consulting services well suited to a project fee. The project might include setting up a QC plan, evaluating and modifying formulations and label approvals.

Hourly Fee:
Other companies may have a need for intermittent help or very small projects which is best accommodated by an hourly accounting and charge.

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I would recommend Phillips Resources to assist with any issue confronting your company when producing products for sale in the school arena, either commercial or commodity processed. The companies for which I have worked utilized their services for everything from clarification of simple issues, Child Nutrition Label approvals, and implementing new programs introduced by USDA. They assisted in the development of an innovative pilot project presented to USDA that simplified the process and increased plant efficiencies. Personally, I have served on many committees with Patricia and always found her to be willing to assist; no problem was ever too small. You and your company will benefit from their knowledge of how to navigate the DC beltway and reach the key changemakers.


Carolyn Gooch
Director, School & Commodity Sales
Comfort Creek Foods