Child Nutrition Labeling

Major changes have been made to CN labeling to accommodate final School lunch regulations:

1) the requirement for all bread grain to contain at least 50% whole grain and the new definition of on serving based on 16 grams of grain

2) to separately identify fruit and vegetable contribution and the color group of vegetables.

August Letter August Letter (1648 KB)

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Competitive Foods Regs Competitive Foods Regs (325 KB)

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New Meal Pattern Q & A New Meal Pattern Q & A (33 KB)

Proposed School Lunch Regulations Proposed School Lunch Regulations (4711 KB)

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If CN Labeling is a mystery, consider inviting Phillips Resources to provide a customized training session at your plant.  Phillips Resources can help you write the required quality control plan, evaluate your products for contribution toward the meal pattern and train your staff to submit CN label application for prompt approval. 

Fundamentals of CN Labeling; Understand the features of CN Labels that trigger QC controls
Understand USDA agencies involved in CN Labeling and their relationship to each other
Overview of CN Label verification options: How the CN Quality Control Verification Program and the CN in-plant Monitoring Program operate and which is right for your plant.
How to calculate CN Label credit.

Prepare/revise your QC plan to submit to USDA.  Practical steps to help you get started.  

How to submit your QC plan and apply for AMS Grading Service
Tips on submitting labels for approval

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