July 2016 School Food Industry Roundtable Topic to be repeated in Webinar

Face the Facts!

At the July 10 Industry Roundtable Meeting in San Antonio, Patricia Phillips presented an overview of changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel and the potential impact for those selling in the school food service market.  If you missed the meeting, but would like to hear the briefing, join us for a webinar on the same topic, Tuesday August 9 at 1:00 PM Eastern time. Nutrition Labeling Consultant, Christine Loudon, RD will also participate.

During the webinar, learn and discuss how retail labeling changes can impact you and the market you sell. Final regulations about the primarily retail Nutrition Facts Panel labeling were published in May. They may seem like minor changes, such as a separate line for "added sugars" and Vitamin D but there are implications for the institutional food service market. Find out what's coming and when.

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GMO Legislation becomes Law


The GMO legislation discussed during the Industry Roundtable Meeting as a solution to Vermont's mandatory labeling of GMO ingredients, has since passed the House of Representatives.  President Obama is expected to sign it.  It requires food labels to include either

1) a declaration of GMO content,

2) a symbol indicated the presence of GMO, or

3) a QRS scan leading to a website which will show information about the GMO content.   


The law will take precedence over the Vermont law and will require proposed and final regulations before implementation.   

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