What is

Phillips Resources?

Phillips Resources has been helping food companies understand the complex programs, regulations and policies surrounding school nutrition programs since 1985.  With a team of associates, Patricia Phillips, guides companies in what they need to know in order to maximize the opportunities and minimize the obstacles of selling to this complex market that serves over 50 million lunches daily.


Phillips Resources is uniquely positioned to help you with a wide range of technical assistance

What is Industry Roundtable

The SCHOOL FOOD INDUSTRY ROUNDTABLE is a coalition of industry companies that sell to the school food service market. The purpose of the INDUSTRY ROUNDTABLE is to facilitate communication between industry and USDA and to identify common concerns among industry.

Any company is welcome to participate in general ROUNDTABLE meetings or specific TASK FORCE meetings. Both types of meetings are scheduled in conjunction with SNA or other industry attended conferences or conventions to eliminate additional travel requirements.

The INDUSTRY ROUNDTABLE has no by-laws and requests no dues or donations. It depends solely on the donation of time and expertise of INDUSTRY ROUNDTABLE members.