about how your products meet the School Lunch Regulations!

Has your sales force handed you pages of grids and blank lines to complete about how your product meets the school lunch meal pattern requirements.  Do these forms seem to beg for hand written entries as few offices have maintained a typewriter?  


Maybe you even know your product meets the regs, but giving the school customer the information in the form they ask for, is not as easy as it should be. 


Phillips Resources can help with electronic version of the forms.  If you need help knowing what information to submit, we can help with that too.  Give us a call for 30 minutes free consultation.

Grains, Pains and CN Labeling:  A candid discussion about certifying meal pattern compliance

The School Food Industry Roundtable meets during SNA's annual convention to discuss the challenges of documenting compliance with school meal pattern compliance.  Of common concern is the limitation of "non creditable grains" and the decreased utility of CN labels.

Join us for Brunch in Boston on Sunday, July 13, 2014 at The Langham Hotel, 250 Franklin Street, Boston, MA 02110

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Phillips Resources provides technical and government relations services to the institutional food service industry selling to the federally funded and regulated school lunch program. Whether your company is large or small, new in the school food service market or experienced, Phillips Resources can help your company maximize the opportunities and minimize the hindrances of this complex market place. More